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The first Marsh Harrier "Rørhøg" and new volunteers at the station!

mandag 28. februar 2022

Hello everybody!

Today was really an eventful day. Knud is back from his skiing vacation and we were at Verdens Ende 3 today since sunrise. It was again very good to have an experienced observer at my side. So you see much more birds and do not have to concentrate on so many different species. It was very sunny but also very windy and the observing was a very sandy affair. But it was worth it, we saw an adult female Marsh Harrier "Rørhøg", it looks like it was the first one this year, and it is really quite early for it. There was also a White-tailed Eagle "Havørn" and several Buzzards "Musvåge", one of them very tuff so it even migrated across the sea. There were also Lapwings "Vibe" - and, the month started and ended with a young Iceland Gull "Hvidvinget Måge".

Returning to the station, I met Robbe, who had arrived late at night yesterday due to problems with the train and therefore was not with us at sunrise. He comes from Ghent in Belgium and will work at the bird station for three months. He was on his way to a Corona test in town and so I had time for a few words with Simon and Karin. Simon had a lot of office work to do today, but hopefully, the result of his work will be a new thermal binocular and a new assistant, who will take some of his tasks, so that Simon can be more at the station. Karin went to Skagen and for a walk in the surrounding of Det Grå Fyr. Robbe and I also took a little walk to Grenen and I taught Robbe how to sew nets in the attic afterwards. When we looked down again Simon had just picked up Marion, who will stay here for two months. She is from Nice and had a long journey from France, two different planes plus train and bus. And then we went to the first real evening Meeting in 2022! After the meeting, Simon left and we four, Marion, Robbe, Karin, and me were cooking together, Flammkuchen today. And it was very nice to have a full table with lots of conversation and nice company.


The team is growing: Hanelie, Robbe, and Marion

Tomorrow, there will be a Fulmar "Mallemuk" survey and we are looking forward to welcoming the fourth volunteer in 2022!

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area

See you tomorrow, from now on, there will be Blog articles for every day.

Take care,


People: Marion L´Huiller-Hunsinger, Robbe Cool, Simon S. Christiansen, Knud Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu and Karin

A nice weekend bike-trip with Golden Eagle "Kongeørn"

søndag 27. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Good evening everybody!

And then it came, the last day where I had the place to myself. Simon had gone away for the weekend and saw a super cool Walrus "Hvalros". But I also had a nice Saturday. On Friday evening Simon had pointed out to me that a Golden Eagle "Kongeørn" had been seen south of Skagen and might show up here tomorrow. Maybe it could show up in Hulsig or Flagbakken, he typed for me. That suited me very well because that was on the way to Råbjerg Mile, where I wanted to go since my arrival. So I fell asleep on Friday evening expectantly. The weather on Saturday was just perfect for a bike ride, sunny and with very little wind. Yes, the spring seems to come slowly to Skagen, probably thought the Skylarks "Sanglærke", who welcomed me in Hulsig Hede with a real concert. On my way to Råbjerg Mile I stopped often to check the trees and bushes. It was a nice day for me to practice bird songs, because besides the Skylarks "Sanglærke" also Crested Tit "Topmejse", Coal Tit "Sortmejse", Great Tit "Musvit" Grønirisk", Yellowhammer "Gulspurv" and Greenfinch "Grønirisk" were singing. I also saw two Redpolls "Gråsisken" and passed a pretty little lake and despite the spring-like day, there was still a thin layer of ice on it.


At the Råbjerg Mile I was already quite impressed, such a moving sand dune is for me from southern Germany but already what special. After an exploration tour on the Råbjerg Mile I made my way back.


Also this time no Golden Eagle "Kongeørn" in Hulsig but it had been nevertheless a worthwhile trip, I thought to myself. The lighthouse was already in sight and then - an Eagle, in Storsig, very close to the road where I was cycling. I had really not expected that today anymore and I was already a little excited. It was really the Golden Eagle "Kongeørn", I could really watch him for quite a long time and see the white tail base with the black band at the end and the white patches on the underwings and the golden brown breast and belly. It was still a young bird and it flew partial circles and turns, maybe looking for food. I stayed until I couldn't see it anymore and sometimes ran along the road a bit when it changed direction. Thus this last day alone had become nevertheless actually still something special and I have even more knowledge of Skagen to share with the new volunteers and guests.

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (26.02.2022)

Today I was then again in the morning at the world´s end observing. It was quite busy because many large swarms of Guillemots were on the way. Also, I saw two Oystercatchers "Strandskade" and I was happy about that because I had already missed them in winter at the beach. But now they come back!


Oystercatcher "Strandskade" at Grenen

Jørgen and Igor also stopped by at the world´s end and we talked a bit, also about the Golden Eagle "Kongeørn".

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (27.02.2022)

At noon Simon also came back to the station and soon it was time to go to the train station, because from today on for almost a week my mother, Karin, is visiting. In the afternoon we both went for a little walk which unfortunately ended a bit sad because we found an exhausted Guillemot "Lomvie", that wouldn't have made it much longer and therefore I had to euthanize it back at the station.

For dinner we had delicious lentil-bolognese and tonight, the second volunteer in 2022 will arrive and the third will follow tomorrow. So there will be lots of innovations at the station and I am curious.

Take care and see you soon!


People: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu and Karin

Guests from Norway and an adult Iceland Gull "Hvidvinget Måge"

fredag 25. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Hi everyone!

On Thursday morning, I did not go to Grenen. There was still „office work“ to do as my laptop was Wednesday night apparently even more tired than me and it decided to go on strike and I couldn´t do anything but turn it off. During the course of the morning, Simons father also arrived at the bird station and at noon, two leaders from Store Fjærder Bird Observatory, Terje and Hans, visited us. Karin had brought cake again and we first had coffee and cake and Simon was talking with the two Norwegians about cooperation and projects. In the morning I had already filled nearly all pots I could find at the station with hot water to defrost the freezer, which is now empty, as all our seabirds are in Aarhus. Simon already mentioned the day before, that it was a little sad that all the birds were gone now and I realized it while cleaning. But of course, we are curious, about what the scientists in Aarhus will find out. Empty and defrosted, the freezer now looks like this, a very unusual sight.


Now I need another project but soon, it will be time to start ringing and I am really looking forward to it. Simon and the Norwegian guests went to Grenen in the afternoon but then, a Zello call reached us: Two Iceland Gulls "Hvidvinget Måge" were at the harbour, a 2K but also an adult. Simon, Terje and Hans came from Grenen and picked me up in the car and we drove to the harbour. Simons parents also came to the harbour. There, Simon found the adult Iceland Gull "Hvidvinget Måge" immediately for us but we could not find the young one. Nevertheless, it was very nice and a small crowning of their stay in Skagen for our Guests. Form me, it was the first adult Iceland Gull and we were all very pleased with this afternoon, which was now slowly coming to an end. So this day, we went with our guests to a restaurant in the city. But that was not the end of the day because afterwards, we went to catch Woodcocks "Skovsneppe" and Henrik and Laila joined us. Unfortunately, without success, we came so close to a mouse, that we could have caught it, but we renounced that. Next time we´ll catch a bird!

Today, on Friday, the weather was really nice so I started the day with observing at Grenen. Several rather large flocks of Guillemots "Lomvie" were flying by. When the migration slowly became less, I went to Nordstrand. On the way, I met this sleeping seal on one of the dunes.


At Nordstrand, there were also Cormorants "Skarv" resting and when I turned around, I saw lots of Fieldfares "Sjagger".


Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (25.02.2022)

Terje and Hans met Simon at the station while I was observing and left in the late morning. So Simon, Gunnar, Karin and a new cake were at the station when I came back. Simon was busy with meetings. In the afternoon, I went grocery shopping, as the day after tomorrow, a bird station where only I live will be history because, on Sunday, the second volunteer in 2022 will arrive and also a new guest, this time I will have family visit. As it became a habit, a made a stop at the harbour on my way back. There, I met Henrik again and other birders, the young Iceland Gull "Hvidvinget Måge" had been on the harbour again, I missed it but Henrik showed me where it usually is and I have seen it a few times this February now. When I came back to the station Simon and Karin drove away, the station was quiet again and I noticed that tomorrow would be the last day alone at the station. What a strange feeling, but I am looking forward to the new arrivals. In the fridge, Simons parents left a Shrimps Sandwich for me, thanks, it was very good!

So let´s see, what tomorrow brings for me, maybe I´ll find the sleeping place of the Partridges "Agerhøne"?

See you soon and take care,


People: Terje Axelsen, Hans Erik Karlsen, Henrik Knudsen, Laila Neermann, Gunnar Simonsen, Karin Christiansen, Simon S. Christiansen and Hanelie Sidhu

Our dead seabirds make it into two TV shows and then leave us for Aarhus

torsdag 24. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

The weather was really not good for Monday morning. Simon had suggested an indoor day for me. An indoor day? That didn't sound tempting to me at all. And I was already out of bed early, so I couldn't spend the day indoors. Although I was almost about to turn back when the wind blew the rain in my face, I opened my notebook at Verden's Ende 3 exactly at sunrise. I checked the seagulls again, but at least Iceland "Hvidvinget Måge" or Glaucous Gull "Gråmage" didn't seem to be at the world´s end in this bad weather. Instead, I spotted several resting Kittiwakes "Ride" and also Black-headed Gulls "Hæettemåge" among the gulls. I also counted the seals: 11 Grey Seals "Gråsæl" were lying there, I had only met one Harbour Seal "Spæettet Sæl" on the way to Grenen. When it started to hail after the first hour, I gave up and returned to the station.

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (21.02.2022)

Meanwhile, a local reported a dead Fulmar "Mallemuk" to Simon in the north of Kandestederne. The weather had improved a bit and so we went for a walk on the beach. However, without success. Maybe the sea had taken over the Fulmar "Mallemuk" again, or maybe an animal had had a good meal on it. At least we found a nice tennis ball on the beach, which we kicked around for quite a while on the way back. Finally, we left it on the beach instead of bringing Igor this great souvenir from Kandesterne.  This pretty rubbish flag was also on the beach and Simon took this great picture of "the new pirate".


Soon it was the moment of truth for the new pirate because on the way back we made a stop at the supermarket to buy new cleaning supplies and then it was time for me to do the "Big Skagen Fuglestation cleaning". After that, it smelled good like Brun Sæbe, and to crown all this new order and cleanliness, Simon sorted out books and put them in order, but also added other books.


This new order was explained to me in the evening and the day ended exceedingly clean and orderly and tidy.

On Tuesday, another Fulmar "Mallemuk" survey was on the agenda. This time I had a lot of company at the beginning from Simon and a local TV crew of TV2 nord, to whom Simon explained the reason for the beach surveys, namely that Aarhus University wants to find out how much plastic is in the stomachs of the Fulmars "Mallemuk". But Fulmars "Mallemuk" don't lie in droves on the beach; the most frequently collected dead birds are Guillemots "Lomvie", which are often washed up dead by the sea and just sometimes die injured or weakened on the beach. We also found Guillemots "Lomvie"  with the TV team. While Simon and the TV team drove back to the station after the first Guillemots "Lomvie", where Simon showed and explained the freezer and its contents to the three of them, I still had the most oft he way to go.

To see the TV2 nord feature, click here...

...and here!

I really did not return empty-handed, because in the lab I was able to stock the freezer with two new Fulmars "Mallemuk", two Puffins "Lunde" and six Guillemots "Lomvie".


Dead Fulmar "Mallemuk"

Now the University of Aarhus could come, which had announced itself for Wednesday. But while I was still busy in the lab, Simon came in. Outside, very close to the nets, we had already observed Partridges "Agerhøne", and they were now flying over the house past the lighthouse. We hope to catch them soon, of course!

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (22.02.2022)

Wednesday started early, Simon arrived at the station already at about 5:45, then for him, it went straight on with appearance on TV, today in Godmorgen Danmark. It was again about the dead birds on the beach and the Fulmar "Mallemuk" project. This time the topic was explained together with Sebastian Klein, who was in the TV studio in Copenhagen. I was ready long before sunrise so that I could have a nice breakfast before I left for Grenen. Today the weather was much friendlier than the last time at the world´s end. I observed many Jackdaws "Allike" today, but nothing very exciting, but I left Grenen also after not quite two hours, because at the station a tour took place.

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (23.02.2022)

The nets in the garden caught two recaptures, a Great Tit "Musvit" and a Yellowhammer "Gulspurv". Simon explained ringing and birds were fed and the contents of the freezer were shown.


Simon shows blowing fat of a bird.


Feeding the birds at the nets.

Annelise Jensen brought two more birds for the freezer, so the yield for Aarhus was even bigger, thank you! And Aarhus was already there, in the person of Ib Kragh Petersen and a friend, Nico. So Annelise, who had worked at Aarhus University met Ib again after many years, here in Skagen. Simon, Ib, and Nico then met the Nature Agency to agree on a place to catch raptors. They also identified potential places for a radar. I cleaned up the lab, had lunch on last night´s leftovers checked the freezer lists, and prepared something for the ringing folder. Simon meanwhile had picked up his mum from the train station. Now the freezer was emptied, everything was loaded into the car and Ib and Nico left for Aarhus with all the frozen birds. Simons mum had brought cake which we three ate. When it was dark we tried to catch the Partridges "Agerhøne", but unfortunately without success, next time! Now it´s late again, not without reason, I was called I „Night owl“ from an early age. There are just things, as I said, you can not change, even with the best will. I am afraid, that is also one of them. Well, then, there is only to say: See you tomorrow, bright and early and until the next blog soon!


PS: Sorry, because of technical problems this blog could only go online today, Thursday morning.

People: Karin Christiansen, Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Ib Kragh Petersen and Nico


Days under the sign of the Glaucous Gull “Gråmage”

søndag 20. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Good evening, dear Blog readers!

When I arrived at Grenen yesterday it was to keep distance. It wasn´t because of Corona or because so many birders had come to see the Iceland Gull "Hvidvinget Måge". But in fact, my observing place was occupied. Namely by a seal. It was very cute and I placed my scope more to the left than usual, at a proper distance in order not to disturb the seal. Again, a big flock of gulls was very close to my observation point. I had already confessed to Knud, that I think Gulls are difficult and I wasn´t sure if I would be able to find a rare Gull in a flock of gulls. Nevertheless, I was curious and wished to find the Iceland Gull on my own. So I scanned the Gulls and I thought to be successful, here it was! When I sent Simon the pictures of the Gulls, it turned out, that it was a Glaucous Gull "Gråmåge", and about an hour later, I found even a second Glaucous Gull "Gråmage" in the flock. But at least this was progress, and I was very happy about these two Glaucous Gulls. Besides, you learn from your mistakes and now I know that it applied in particular of the bill to pay attention, which is short and dark in young Island Gulls whereas it is longer and just dark on the tip in Glaucous Gulls. Also, I had seen both Gulls.


In addition, there were quite a few Gannets "Sule" migrating and also fishing that day.

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (19.02.2022)

In any case, I was confident with my observations and the weather was very nice when I returned to the station. So I decided to go grocery shopping and make a detour to the harbor. On the way, I heard some birds, especially Greenfinches "Grønirisk" and Great Tits "Musvit" and it almost sounded a little like spring. At the harbor, there was nothing special, I also checked the Gulls, but I had already had my Gulls for today. Perfect timing, when I arrived at the station it began to rain. Time for sewing nets...

Today, there was not so much happening at Grenen.

So I turned my attention back to the Gulls, I think I am beginning to make friends with them. But just as I was about to check them out, they all flew off towards Nordstrand. I decided to follow them and indeed, again a Glaucous Gull "Gråmåge" for me.


Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (20.02.2022)

I took another way back to the station, I had already heard that there are some Stonechats "Sortstrubet Bynkegugl" and I also saw one. Simon was there when I came back. He was working on a new project for FUGLE FOR ALLE and checking last year's ringing data. I was sewing nets again but in the evening we were cooking and eating together and it was a very good meal.

Now I am quite tired and I wish you all a good night! See you soon!


People at the station: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu

The arrival of the first Oystercatchers "Strandskade"

fredag 18. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu
Hi everyone!

Wednesday morning I shouldered the telescope early and headed to Grenen to meet Knud at Verden's End 3 at sunrise. I had another bag of seeds for the Snow Buntings "Snespurv" in my backpack, which I spread before observing. And of course, they came again in large numbers to feed. But even apart from my little friends, it was going to be a successful day. I saw my first living Fulmar fly by very far out. That was nice. Knud also spotted another Iceland Gull "Hvidvinged Måge" in the flock of gulls. It was there for a long time, preening itself and we could observe it very well. A Glaucous Gull "Gråmage" was also among the gulls. There were also a lot of Red-throated Loons "Rødstrubet Lom" migrating that day. Even though I couldn't do the whole Morning Obs with Knud, it was a nice start to the day.


I went back to the station earlier, as Mads was coming to the station at 11 am for a tour. This involved a bit of showing the contents of the freezer and feeding the birds in the garden. Then we went to the beach near Det Grå Fyr and guess what? We saw the Iceland Gull "Hvidvinged Måge" again! So it was a really nice tour and after the eventful morning I could devote myself to some more quiet work: The nets were already waiting for me in the attic. 


The next morning, Grenen again, this time alone and without Iceland Gull "Hvidvinged Måge", even though I searched in the flock of gulls for it. Instead, four Whooper Swans "Sangsvane" and a Canada Goose "Canadagås" flew over Grenen, which was also quite a nice change.


As I was packing up, Rolf came and told me that the tide would be particularly high around sunset today. Because even though the storm in Germany didn't reach here, the water here was backed up against the land. So I had a good reason to stop sewing nets in the late afternoon and go to Grenen again.


Grenen, 17.02.2022


And yes, indeed, the headland had changed and was now much, much narrower than it was this morning. It was quite impressive. As I walked back to the station, the moon was rising, it had been full on Wednesday, so it was already waning a bit, but of course, it wasn't visible yet, so it was a very nice evening walk. 



Today it was time for the Fulmar "Mallemuk" survey again.



This time Rie picked me up in the morning and drove me to Gammel Skagen and also accompanied me to Nordstrand.


A smile at the beginning of the survey, Photo: Rie Voertmann


It was very nice to have some company but it was not the best day to collect Fulmars "Mallemuk". We found one, but it was only a skeleton. There was no stomach left, so nothing for Aarhus University to examine for plastic. There was also a 2K Puffin "Lunde", but unfortunately in a similar condition. Otherwise only Guillemots "Lomvie" for the freezer, maybe next time there will be something better.

On my way back I made a nice observation: An Oystercatcher "Strandskade", very close to the lighthouse, flying to the southeast, probably one of the first this year.

I am looking forward to the arrival of more Oystercatchers "Strandskade" when the beach gets more and more populated.


Keep your eyes open and see you soon!




People at the bird station: Knud Pedersen, Mads Kjeldgaard Odderdhede, Rie Voertmann and Hanelie Sidhu


Feast for the Snow Buntings "Snespurv"

tirsdag 15. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Good evening, dear blog readers!

Don´t worry, Skagen Fuglestation has not gone into hibernation, I have still been spared from Corona and have also been active in the last few days, which I will of course tell you about in this blog.

On Saturday I went to Grenen with the telescope and a bag with seeds for the Snow Buntings “Snespurv”. When I arrived at Verdens Ende 3, an observer was already sitting there. That's how I met Knud and we counted together. It was very good to have an experienced observer by my side. For example, before, I was not sure how to tell the difference between the winter and summer plumage of the Guillemots, but at the end of this observation, it was easy to tell the difference in the plumage by the different coloring of the head. There was also a lot going on with the seabirds, it was a busy Saturday. Knud had counted the full standard four hours and I had joined him after the first for the other three hours.

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (12.02.2022)

After this time, our feet really were ice blocks that needed to be warmed up as quickly as possible. I had a snack at the bird station, and my wonderful timetable told me: Saturday is cleaning day, and so I cleaned and washed. 

The next day Egon Østergård showed Grenens birds to a group of birdwatchers and Knud and some friends of the bird station came and sorted out books. Knud also brought not only a new dead Fulmar "Mallemuk" for the freezer but also two beautiful stuffed Fulmars. Many thanks for that! The Fulmar is definitely one of the birds that I would like to see fly by happily and cheerfully, whereas up to now I have rather taken over the task of carrying them dead, but with stuffed Fulmars, you can imagine these birds much better.


Stuffed Fulmars "Mallemuk"

The friends of the bird station finished their work quite quickly, at least that's how it seemed to me, as I was in the attic sewing nets and wishing I could do the work as quickly. At least Knud had two sandwiches for me and that was a good small reinforcement.

On Monday it rained quite heavily in the morning. Nevertheless, I wanted to start the day with a few birds. So I grabbed the telescope and my freshly washed jacket. I was happy that it finally didn't smell slightly like a dead bird anymore, even though that will probably change again soon, Simon has already announced that, but that's just the way it is. After an hour at Verdens Ende 3, everything was pretty wet, but I had seen some nice birds in the rain, especially lots of Common Scoters "Sortand", Guillemots "Lomvie"  and Eiders "Ederfugl".

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area  (14.02.2022)

My jacket was about as wet as when I got it out of the washing machine, at least on the outside. So I decided to move on to drier activities, which meant repairing nets. A packet of biscuits, a good new audio book and a pot of warm tea made the work a little easier and at the end of the day I had 6 fixed nets. Not all of this Monday, of course, but in total, sewing nets takes longer than you think…

Today I went to Grenen again and sat there for three hours. I had to think of the first time observing in Blåvand last September when it was very difficult for me to see the birds the other volunteers told me about. In the meantime, I enjoy the observations and luckily, I find much more birds, although there is of course still a lot to learn. But I have to take advantage of that here because no matter how much good will I have, a sea for southern Germany is an unattainable goal….


Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area (15.02.2022)

There was also another reason to be happy today: The Snow Buntings "Snespurv" ate my seeds and I was even able to take a photo of this for you!


Snow Buntings "Snespurv" eating seeds at Grenen

Enjoy your meal as well and see you soon!



People at the bird station: Knud Pedersen, Hanelie Sidhu and Friends of Skagen Fuglestation

From Solnedgangspladsen to Det Grå Fyr or the great hunger

fredag 11. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Hello from Det Grå Fyr!

The day before yesterday I went out to Grenen with the telescope as I had planned. I have to admit that I still have a lot to learn about seabird counting. As I have only experienced the seabird counting in Blåvand last autumn, where only birds migrating in one direction are counted, I was a little at a loss and wondering, which birds to count. So I sat there “just for fun” and watched birds. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it to see Guillemots (Lomvie) and Razorbills (Alk) which were alive, because there was also a lot of them at Grenen. There was also a little flock of Whooper Swans (Sangsvane), also Snow Buntings (Snev Spurv) and Cormorants (Skarv). And it was nice to watch the seals at Grenen. Going to the supermarket and fixing nets were also on the agenda of the day. In the late afternoon, Simon, who, in his next life will be a bestselling author of a book called “Guidelines to survive” showed me, that there is also a guideline for seabird counting in Skagen. So next time, when I will go to Grenen, I will be better prepared. I was also introduced to a Daily tasks plan, on which so far only HS is on ;-)

We also planned the next Fulmar survey for the next day.

The next morning I grabbed the big backpack again and Simon drove me to Solnedgangspladsen in Gammel Skagen. Along the beach, I walked back to Det Grå Fyr. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a brief hailstorm, but it did not matter to me because afterwards, there was a great rainbow.


I saw 27 dead birds in total and collected 12, the others were in bad condition. Most of them were Guillemots (Lomvie), but also 2 Fulmars (Mallemuk). I had also some nice observations of living birds: A Little Gull (Dværgmåge), Rock Pipits (Skærpiber) and Snow Buntings (Snev Spurv). I arrived back at Det Grå Fyr with a heavy backpack and a huge appetite.

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area


Before I put the birds in the freezer, I had to have lunch that would have been enough for two normally hungry people. When the freezer was stocked with all the new birds and all lists were updated, there was still some hunger left and so I decided to end the day with a good Flammkuchen.


Today I went to Grenen and, thanks to the Guideline, I counted the birds more properly. Very close to me, there were lots of Snow buntings (Snev Spurv). Next time, I will feed them, and we hope to catch them if they get used to getting food at Grenen.

Today’s observations in Dofbasen from observers in the area

Unfortunately, it turned out, that Simon and I have will meet each other only online for the next few days. So I went to town to get tested as well. At the harbour, a Merlin (Dværgfalk) waited for me.

Stay healthy and take care.



People at the bird station: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu

Fulmar survey with quite a lot dead Puffins

tirsdag 8. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Good evening to all blog readers!

Yesterday, it was a very nice morning and I really wanted to go out. So I proposed to Simon that I would do the fulmar survey. I started at the station and should go along the beach until Solnedgangspladsen in Gammel Skagen. On my way, I met Jørgen and Igor and they joined me for a part of the survey. At Grenen, we found a young dead 2K Puffin. But it shouldn´t be my last Puffin (Lunde) on this survey. On the rest of the way, I found two more dead adult 3K+ Puffins. So many Puffins, that´s really rare here, especially the adults. It was probably hunger, that brought them here. I admired their pretty beaks. Later, Simon explained to me how to age them: The beaks of the young Puffins (Lunde) have an angle that is much sharper than in the adult beak. Furthermore, there is more grey in the beak. My wish is to see one alive and in good condition, let´s see, if I´ll be able to age it then because the Puffin (Lunde) I wish to see will be very active, only visible through the scope and flying away fast.


2K Puffin (Lunde)



3K+ Puffin (Lunde)

But back to reality and my survey: It was actually quite successful. I found three dead Fulmars (Mallemuk) and collected 11 birds in total although I had to stop the survey before I arrived in Gammel Skagen. The reason why Simon picked me up earlier was that I found a Guillemot (Lomvie) on the beach, that was still living but had a plastic net around its body. I cut the net but the Guillemot (Lomvie), that had been lying on the beach with its head down wouldn't survive long, it was in a really bad condition and had to be euthanized. So Simon, who had just arrived at Skagen, picked me and the bird up and showed me how to do it so that it goes quickly. Labeling the birds and putting them into the freezer took quite a while. After that, I cleaned the lab. In the evening, it was time to put the birds in three different Exel Lists. Later, I was quite tired and found myself on the sofa next to a big, good-natured, and soft elephant…

Today was a quiet day for me, Simon had some meetings, I continued fixing the nets and was out birding in the fields, bushes, and on the beach in direction to town without many highlights. There were some Meadow Pipits (Engpiber) around in the fields, I saw a flock of Fieldfares (Sjagger), Goldcrests (Fuglekonge) in some trees and a nice Jay (Skovskade). Maybe, tomorrow I´ll go to Grenen with the scope, although it is very unlikely that I´ll spot my cheerful Puffin (Lunde), but I am nevertheless curious.

See you soon! 

People at the station: Simon S. Christiansen, Hanelie Sidhu

Starry, clear night in Skagen – overcast night at Skagen

søndag 6. februar 2022
af Hanelie Sidhu

Hi all together!

This weekend, there was quite a lot happening at Skagen Fuglestation and that´s why I don´t really know where to begin. But let´s start on Friday. When I made a walk and finally landed between Nordstrand and Grenen (not on the bike path, I went a bit cross country but nevertheless I have now an idea of where it is). I really liked Grenen but I did not stay for long because Simon called me to receive a packet at the station. Before that, I had found a new dead Guillemot (Lomvie) and a new dead Razorbill (Alk) at the beach. As I did not plan to collect dead birds and did not have a backpack with me, I just carried them in my arms and as I thought, walking along the street could be faster, everybody on the street could easily identify me as a bit of a crazy birdwatcher. But having these two birds on my arms was actually quite good as I was almost forced to look at their beaks and the difference between them was very obvious. I just wished it would be that easy to distinguish them with the scope but maybe I took a step in the right direction on Friday. In any case, I´ve learned something from it.


Guillemot (Lomvie)


Razorbill (Alk)

Back at the station, I met Henning soon, who gave me the packet. In the evening Esben, Lise, and Christian arrived at the station. They stayed for the weekend and it was very nice to cook and eat together and have company. After dinner, we went Nightcatching. We all had big expectations since we were using very strong torches and thermal binoculars. It was a very clear night and we could see a lot of stars and Esben and Christian came very close to some birds, but in the end, we had no success. Instead, we returned to the station. Back there, we were eating sweets, playing KLASK, talking, and looking at bird books.


Evening activities

Actually, it was quite late when we went to bed. Nevertheless, my inner clock seems to think waking up between 4 and 4.30 o´clock in the morning is just the right time to get up at Skagen Fugelestation. I really don´t know why, as I am usually very good at sleeping. You´re wrong, I tried to convince it, it´s still February… So, I tried to sleep again but at 6.30 I really couldn´t stay in bed anymore. I had breakfast on my own, did a few things at the station, and went out to the garden to feed the birds since the sunrise was really nice. When I went in again, Lise, Christian, and Esben were awake, baking bread. So I went in like a little Hobbit and we were having breakfast, my second breakfast for Saturday. Then we went on a long walk. The highlight was a dead Puffin (Lunde) which we found on the beach near Grenen. Simon aged it for us with a picture as he was at Copenhagen bringing the content of the freezer to the Zoological Museum. It was a 3K+ and it was really cool even if we would have preferred to spot it still living. And here it is:


Puffin (Lunde)

Back at the station, it was time for naps, laptop work, embroidery, and night catching in the evening again. This time it was raining, perfect weather for night catching. But the result was the same as the day before.

Today, it wasn´t that windy and good for opening the two nets in the garden. The weather was only kind to us for one round. But we were lucky, and we had a Great Tit (Musvit) and three Yellowhammers (Gulspurv).

Todays ringed birds:

Great Tit (Musvit): 1 (recap.)

Yellowhammer (Gulspurv): 3 (1 of them a recap.)

Total: 2 new+ 2 recap = 4 ;)

This was really nice and also the first birds I ringed in Skagen since I only ringed Blåvands birds so far. After that, we climbed the lighthouse, and we all were amazed.


At the lighthouse

In the afternoon, it was time to go for Lise, Christian, and Esben. Esben planned to come back soon. I have reason to believe that he will come back earlier as expected, as he forgot something here. Probably, he´ll meet Simon here next time, that will make him very happy. Simon will be back tomorrow, so I will again have company soon.

See you soon and take care,


People at the bird station: Esben E. Hansen, Hanelie Sidhu, Lise and Christian

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