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The wind is blowing and the waves growing.

tirsdag 20. oktober 2020
af Aurora Gonzalo Tarodo

Today was one of those typical autumn days with strong winds, rain and low temperatures. With these conditions, bird ringing is not possible, and the majority of the team was forced to remain indoors. Being indoors gave us a great opportunity for desk-based tasks. I spent half of the afternoon arranging and classifying the pictures taken in the field from the last 4 days. 


Some birds are very difficult to age or even distinguish to other similar species, that is why taking pictures from different parts of the bird helps us to learn and share this knowledge with others. Also, these pictures produce a great database that in the future could be used for research, showing for example how moult limit varies between different countries or over time.
Christina used the time to work on her presentation for the next week and kindly volunteered to wash the bird bags. Keeping the bird bags clean is a very important task because helps to minimize the transmission of infections between birds. She also did some administrative task like printing new ringing sheets and laminating others to protect them from the rain. She also delighted us with amazing home-made cookies. 


Chris has been doing a lot of literature review about neotropical birds from the Amazon where we works and together we also worked on a couple of grants applications for my PhD project.
Martin was the only one brave enough to go out for seabird counting. Two little auks (Søkongen) passed very close to him. The numbers of razorbills (Alk) are decreasing but still, he counted 2800 individuals, on the other hand, common guillemot (Lomvien) numbers are getting higher and today were counted 300 also 638 kittiwakes (Ride). Knud and Martin played this game in guessing how many guillemots (Lomvien) were in a single flock but Knud is always the winner. In the afternoon Martin tried to spot some petrels (Stormsvale) from the lighthouse with luck.


Simon and Amelie were back today from their training on blackbird tagging, they will be sharing all the information the following days.

Night cathing wasn’t very productive last night but the weather and temperatures were very pleasant.


Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

Over 14,000 razorbills (Auk)!

mandag 19. oktober 2020
af Christina Stinn

Today was amazing day for migration counting! On his way to World’s End 3 before sunrise, Martin saw 10 Little auk (Søkonge) flying south, not far from the beach. The day was already off to a promising start! By the early afternoon Martin, Knud, and his friend had counted 14,049 razorbills (Alk) – yes, you read that right. This is the second highest count for razorbills since the observatory was opened in 2017, with close to 17,500 razorbills (Alk) counted in early November 2018. Today was also a good day for Whooper swan (Sangsvane), with a few flocks totaling 47 individuals. In addition, the observers counted 368 Black-legged Kittiwake (Ride) – not a bad day at all!

It was much quieter for us at Kabeltromlen, with only 46 new birds in total. However, Aurora ringed her first Bearded tit (Skægmejse), which she was very excited about. Also, we were happy to have Oluf out at Kabeltromlen with us.

IMG 3258

I was excited to take a Great spotted woodpecker (Stor Flagspætte) out of the net, even if it was a recapture:


Another highlight was the Yellowhammer (Gulspurv), which is perhaps not the rarity we were hoping for, but honestly, how can you not like this beautiful bird?


Chris and Aurora are night catching tonight. We are hoping for a Spotted sandpiper (Plettede mudderklire), but a more local bird would also be nice – and more realistic, of course.

Simon and Amelie had a successful day at Blåvand Observatory and caught enough Blackbirds (Solsort) to practice attaching GPS trackers to them. They will rejoin us tomorrow evening and can then train us in how to install the small “backpacks” on the birds when we catch them – now that will be exciting! We look forward to getting started on that project and seeing the results in a few months, after the data from the birds has been analyzed.

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Bjergirisk – Twite: 1

Blåmejse - Blue tit: 4

Bogfinke – Chaffinch: 1

Dompap – Bullfinch: 7

Fuglekonge – Goldcrest: 7

Gærdesmutte – Wren: 5

Lille Gråsisken – Lesser redpoll: 2

Stor Gråsisken – Common redpoll: 1

Gulspurv – Yellowhammer: 1

Jernspurv – Dunnock: 1

Munk – Blackcap: 2

Musvit – Great tit: 6

Rødhals – Robin: 2

Rørspurv – Reed bunting: 1

Skægmejse – Bearded tit: 1

Solsort – Blackbird: 2

Sortmejse – Coal tit: 2

Total: 46

Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

People: Aurora Gonzalo-Tarodo, Chris Ketola, Oluf Lou, Martin Grienenberger, Knud Pederson, Amelie Zeller, Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Jørgen Kabel + Igor, Jørgen + Karin 

Great Grey Shrike (Stor Tornskade)

søndag 18. oktober 2020
af Chris Ketola

The weather forecast was not looking good for today’s ringing session. Thankfully, the wind was not too bad, and our team was able to open the nets for a full morning of ringing. Although the number of birds caught was not that high, today was all about quality over quantity!


Word spread that a Great Grey Shrike (Stor Tornskade) had been seen around our nets, and we actually did see this individual duck into vegetation from our ringing table. Sure enough, on our next net check there it was waiting to be extracted!


With its sharp bill and perfect aim it did manage to inflict a little bit of pain during the net extraction and while being ringed, but the pain was more than worth it to be able to see this stunning first year bird up close!

Last night also had some excitement, during a night catching session our team caught a female Common Eider (Ederfugl).


This female was quite cooperative while being ringed. Waders and waterfowl require special steel rings because of the amount of time they spend in the water. This process takes a little longer than when we attach aluminum rings to the typical passerine species we catch in mist nets. Thankfully, this female decided to wait until AFTER we were done ringing her to give us a nice big “surprise” on the table…

COEI Processing

In other news, Martin had another productive day of migration counting with Knud and a good friend of his. The biggest highlights were seeing 6 Little Auks (Søkonge) and 1,000 Razorbills (Alk). It made sitting in the freezing windchill for 4 hours worth it!

Finally Simon and Amelie left after morning ringing to go to Blåvand station. There they will participate in training sessions on how to attach GPS backpacks to Blackbirds (Solsort) for an exciting research project Skagen Fugelstation will be involved with. They will return to Skagen in a few days and share this information with the whole team so we can start participating in this project very soon.

Bjergirisk – Twite


Blåmejse – Blue Tit


Bogfinke – Chaffinch


Dompap – Bullfinch


Fuglekonge – Goldcrest


Gærdesmutte – Wren


Lille Gråsisken – Lesser redpoll


Kvækerfinke – Brambling


Munk – Blackcap


Musvit – Great tit


Rørspurv – Reed bunting


Solsort – Blackbird


Sortmejse – Coal tit


Stillits – Goldfinch


Stor Tornskade – Great grey shrike


Vindrossel – Redwing


Total: 43

Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

People: Aurora Gonzalo-Tarodo, Chris Ketola, Martin Grienenberger, Knud Pederson, Amelie Zeller, Esben E. Hansen, Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Erik Christophersen, Jørgen Kabel + Igor, Jørgen + Karin


lørdag 17. oktober 2020
af Aurora Gonzalo- Tarodo

We started the day with beautiful views and very nice weather. Esben and Christina opened the nets and the rest of the team joined for the first round.

121574661 648749465817911 8407753337418442457 n

We had a few busy rounds with a lot of Goldcrest (Fuglekonge) and Bullfinches (Dompap), but Bramblings (Kvækerfinke) and Lesser Redpolls (Lille Gråsisken) were also present today, but for me, one of the most beautiful birds was a first -year female Yellowhammer (Gulspurv), also a ringing tick, and the 89 th species that I have ever ringed.

A group of visitors came to see and learn about bird ringing, and immediately afterward a nice surprise came with Christina and Amelie. They got three Common Crossbills (Little Crossbill), two males (juvenile and adult), and a female (juvenile). Adult males have a very intense red-orange color while females are more greenish.

Photo: Jørgen Kabel

In Crossbills we measure other morphometrics like the length and width of the bill, these measurements help us to confirm if they are Common Crossbill (Little Crossbill) or Parrot Crossbill (Large Crossbill).

121615647 957513851437972 7623324046214513989 n

Almost by the end of the day, we had two foreign captures from Norway (Stavanger) a Great Tit (Musvit), and a Goldcrest (Fuglekonge).

121960535 350242709391358 1619805412379348323 n

Martin G went birdwatching and he managed to count an impressive amount of about 3000 Razorbills (Alk), also some Horned Lark (Bjerglaerke), Snow Buntings (Snespurv) and Lapland Bunting (Lapvaerling)

We had to say goodbye to Jeppe today, but he will come back next month and with him a lot of fun !!

In general, we had a great ringing session with 120 birds including recaptures. The numbers follow below:

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):







Dompap, Lille








Gråsisken, Lille










Korsnæb, Lille















Grand Total


 Ringmærkning (night catching):

Ederfugl - 1

Ringmærkning (Jennes So):

Stor Flægspatte - 1

Gærdesmutte - 1

Rødhals - 2

Solsort - 1

Gransanger - 1

Fuglekonge - 10

Sortmejse - 1

Blåmejse - 2

Musvit - 4

Træløber, Nordlig - 2

Gråsisken, Lille - 12

Rorspurv - 1

Total: 38


Click here to see today's observations entered in the Dofbasen by observers in the area

People: Amelie Zeller, Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Martin Grienenberger, Esben E. Hansen, Michael Ancher, Jeppe Overgaard, Jørgen Kabel, Erik Christophersen, Pernille, Roed, Niels Eriksen, Anders østerby, Knud Pedersen and Aurora Gonzalo-Tarodo


Purple Sandpiper (Sortgrå Ryle) caught at night

lørdag 17. oktober 2020
af Amelie Zeller

Today it was the first time for Chris and Aurora to ring in Denmark and they enjoyed comparing the different ways of ringing in Spain, the UK, Canada and Denmark. Aurora was happy to ring her first ever Twite (Bjergiririsk) and Lesser Redpoll (Lille Gråsisken).

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 16 at 17.33.31

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 16 at 17.33.311

Chris also gets a lot of new species here, because he hasn’t ringed in Europe yet. He was especially happy about a couple of Bullfinches (Dompap) and a Brambling (Kvækerfinke).

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 16 at 17.33.317

We also had some guests at the ringing station today. As usual, Jørgen, Igor and Erik were there, but they left quite early in the morning to look for a Spotted Sandpiper (Plettet Mudderklire) that has been seen at Lønstrup today.

Jeppe also had a very exciting day, because he extracted and ringed his first birds. His first one ever ringed is this Goldcrest (Fuglekonge):

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 16 at 17.33.312

The net closing round was then very successful. A group of Longtailed Tits (Halemejse) flew into a semi-closed net. They then attracted more and more birds by their calls, which made us very happy. As they are very social birds, we released them all together, which is always nice to watch.

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 16 at 17.33.313In one of the last nets we closed there were 7 Starlings (Stær)! That was a pretty cool catch, because they usually don’t fly into the nets. For these we took a long time to age and sex them and afterwards we took pictures of all the birds, so we can check again at home.

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 16 at 17.33.314The ringing team came home at 3  and Simon then gave us a great session on different moult strategies. We also recorded it and shared the video with other bird stations.

Later in the afternoon, Martin also came back home, who is now, after a few days of rest, fit again for the many upcoming counting and ringing days. Esben is also back for the weekend, which makes us all very happy, because we always have a lot of fun together. In the evening Esben, Aurora, Chris and I were going out nightcatching together and were lucky on our way back: We caught a Purple Sandpiper (Sortgrå Ryle) :)

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 16 at 22.43.01

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Gærdesmutte – Wren – 4

Halemejse – Longtailed Tit – 6

Halemejse, Sydlig – Longtailed Tit - 3

Gråsisken, Lille – Lesser Redpoll - 1

Rødhals – Robin - 1

Sangdrossel – Songthrush – 2

Sortmejse – Coal Tit – 4

Stær – Starling – 7

Træløber – Treecreeper – 1

Vindrossel – Redwing - 1

Munk – Blackcap - 2

Blåmejse - Blue tit - 6

Kvækerfinke – Brambling - 2

Bjergirisk – Twite - 2

Dompap, Lille - Western European Bullfinch - 6

Rørspurv - Reed Bunting – 3

Fugelkonge – Goldcrest - 22

Total: 73


Ringmærkning (Nightcatching):

Sortgrå Ryle – Purple Sandpiper – 1


Ringmærkning (Jennes Sø):

Dompap, Stor – Bullfinch - 1

Gærdesmutte – Wren - 4

Rødhals – Robin - 2

Fuglekonge – Goldcrest - 14

Topmejse – Crested Tit -1

Blåmejse - Blue tit - 1

Musvit - Great tit - 1

Sortmejse – Coal Tit - 2

Gråsisken, Nordlig – Common Redpoll - 10

Gråsisken, Lille – Lesser Redpoll - 15

Total: 51

Grand total: 125

Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

People:  Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Martin Grienenberger, Jeppe Overgaard, Aurora Gonzalo-Tarodo, Chris Ketola, Esben E. Hansen, Kristina Sønderkjær, Britta & Lotte, Michael Ancher, Knud Pedersen, Amelie Zeller

A Pallas's leaf warbler (Fuglekongesanger) in Jennes Sø!

torsdag 15. oktober 2020
af Christina Stinn

Michael Ancher caught a Pallas’s leaf warbler (Fuglekongesanger) in Jennes Sø today! We heard the excited chatter on Zello and immediately went out to his place to see this rare species. It was the first time since the founding of Skagen Fuglestation in 2017 that a Pallas’s leaf warbler has been ringed in Skagen – congratulations, Michael, what a great catch!

IMG 3309

IMG 3271

Photos of Pallas’s leaf warbler (Fuglekongesanger) by Marian Ancher

We were of course not the only ones to get excited about this special event – quite soon after we arrived, a number of cars and bikes stopped along the side of the road and people brought out their cameras.


Jeppe was out migration counting at Nordstrand with Knud, Frede, Hans, and Torben this morning to practice his seabird ID skills. He took Knud's scope with him, so it is being put to good use:

IMG 2613

IMG 2636

Jeppe is new to birding and isn’t used to being around twitchers, so he was quite bemused when the message on Zello arrived about the Pallas's leaf warbler (Fuglekongesanger). The other men suddenly jumped out of their chairs and hurriedly packed up their scopes. “It’s a Fuglekongesanger!” Knud told Jeppe – as if that explained everything. “No time, I’ll tell you later!” Well, now Jeppe knows that birding in Skagen is serious business and that twitching has quite the appeal...!  

This afternoon Martin and I went birding in Gerå and spent a couple of nice hours in the sun. The air was cool, but with the sun it was quite pleasant.

IMG 3199

I saw my first Whooper swan (Sangsvane) and Ruff (Brushane) and practiced my duck ID skills. There weren’t many different species in the water, but it was still a valuable exercise for me.

We welcomed two new volunteers, Aurora (originally from Spain, now living in the UK) and Chris (from Canada), to Skagen Fuglestation this evening. They will be staying with us for a couple of weeks. They are experienced ringers and are excited to see how we ring birds in Denmark. I am sure we can learn a lot from each other and look forward to getting to know them better.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be quite nice (little wind, no rain), so we are excited to ring at Kabeltromlen. Perhaps the Pallas’s leaf warbler (Fuglekongesanger) will stop by for a visit at one of our nets…?

Ringmærkning (Jennes Sø):

Stor Flagspætte – Great spotted woodpecker: 2

Gæ­rdesmutte - Wren: 3

Rødhals - Robin: 3

Vindrossel – Redwing: 1

Fuglekongesanger – Pallas‘s leaf warbler: 1

Gransanger – Chiffchaff: 3

Fuglekonge – Goldcrest: 11

Topmejse – Crested tit: 3

Blåmejse - Blue tit: 3

Musvit - Great tit: 1

Skovspurv - Tree sparrow: 1

Trækøber, Nordlig – Northern Treecreeper: 3

Kvækerfinke - Brambling: 2

Nordlig Gråsisken – Common redpoll: 1

Bjergirisk – Twite: 1

Nordlig Gråsisken - Common redpoll: 3

Lille Gråsisken – Lesser redpoll: 11

Total Jennes Sø: 52

Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

People:  Amelie Zeller, Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Martin Grienenberger, Jeppe Overgaard, Britta & Lotte, Michael & Marian Ancher, Frede Jakobsen, Torben Sørensen, Hans Christophersen, Knud Pedersen

Windy Wednesday

onsdag 14. oktober 2020
af Jeppe Overgaard

Dagen I dag har stået på observationer ved Nordstrand og eventet åben fryser ved Det Grå Fyr.

Vinden var hård og kold da vi stod ud af bilen ved Nordstrand. Men med kaffe på kanden, teleskopet under armen og huen over ørene gik det an.
Vi var i dag fem observatør som var klar til at tælle de trækkende fugle.  Som fuglene flyver forbi, får vi talt dem én efter én. Dagens mest observeret fugl bliver i dag Sulen (northern gannet) med et resultat på 346.
Kl. 12.00 går turen hjem til en velfortjent frokost.

Simon og Christina er hjemme på stationen og klargøre eventet åben fryseren som starter kl 13.00. Eventet har til formål at fremvise hvad en fugl består gennem dissekering. Dagens hovedfugl var en ung spurvehøg (sparrowhawk).
Christina føre kniven imens Simon fremviser forskellige organer til de fremmødte.

P1010156Ligeledes bruger Simon fuglens vinge til, at fremvist hvordan man kan aldersbestemme fugle. De fremmødt stiller spørgsmål og benytter sig af den forforståelse de har om fugle.

Eventet afsluttes med, at Simon uddeler en halefjer, fra spurvehøgen (sparrowhawk), til de børn som ønsker det. Tak til de fremmødt, vi sætter pris på jeres deltagelse.


Kl.19.00 begyndte aftens fordrag ved Hans Christophersen om fugle rejse til Cape May.

121578567 2934257853476255 1405595490332828576 n

Ringmærkning (Jennes Sø):

Skovspurv - Tree Sparrow - 3

Kvækerfinke - Brambling - 1

Bogfinke – Chaffinch – 1

Total Jennes Sø: 5

Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

People:  Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Erik Christophersen, Britta & Lotte, Michael Ancher, Knud Pedersen, Jeppe Overgaard, Amelie Zeller

Exciting Day

tirsdag 13. oktober 2020
af Amelie Zeller

So, like Christina already told you, we had a nice evening yesterday. Henning guided a lovely night tour for a big group of people. I’ve never seen the birder’s club this crowded before! We walked to Grenen and could see some Seals, an Eider (Ederfugl), Sanderlings (Sandløber) and Jeppe and I even saved a fish that was lying on the side at the beach. It was still alive, and we could see it swimming again after I carried it back into the sea. I also introduced Jeppe to nightcatching with a net and a torch, but the group of people on the tour was too big, so the birds were easily scared away…

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 13 at 06.37.431

Then, this morning Christina, Jeppe and I opened the nets at Kabeltromlen. We had a good day and our highlights were a Blackcap (Munk) recapture from Belgium, a flock of 26 Twites (Bjergirisk) and in our closing round we had a Jay (Skovskade) in our nets. Although my hand was bleeding afterwards, it was such an amazing experience to ring this beautiful bird.

Photos: Erik Christophersen

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 13 at 21.29.074

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 13 at 17.54.17

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 13 at 21.29.07

Twite (Bjergirisk), photo: Erik Christophersen

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 13 at 21.29.075Like always, Erik, Henning, Oluf and Jørgen were a big help for us. Jeppe could help us quite a bit at writing today, as well. He was very excited, as it was his first time ever to join a ringing station and he really enjoyed seeing the birds this close and having the nice working athmosphere in our “outdoor office”, like Oluf calls it.

Another day in our beautiful outdoor office (photo: Erik Christophersen):

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 13 at 21.29.072

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 13 at 21.29.073

In the afternoon we showed Jeppe the lab and where we keep all the items we need at the ringing station. Then, we entered today’s data. Jeppe already saw a lot today and is eager to learn and help us!

Kristina and her boyfriend Mads were here today and also brought their dog Aslan, which is always a nice surprise. They cooked a delicious meal for us and we had some great talks at the dinner table.

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 13 at 21.29.071

Tonight, Kristina and Jeppe guided another night tour again. They had a lot of visitors and tried to spot some animals.

People:  Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Oluf Lou, Erik Christophersen, Jørgen Kabel & Igor, Britta & Lotte, Michael Ancher, Henning Ettrup, Kristina Sønderkjær & Mads & Aslan, Jeppe, Amelie Zeller

Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Gærdesmutte – Wren – 7

Gransanger – Chiffchaff – 1

Gråsisken – Redpoll – 1

Gråsisken, Lille – Lesser Redpoll - 2

Gråsisken, Nordlig – Common Redpoll - 4

Grønirisk – Greenfinch - 1

Jernspurv – Dunnock - 4

Rødhals – Robin - 3

Solsort – Blackbird - 1

Sangdrossel – Songthrush – 4

Skovskade – Jay - 1

Munk – Blackcap 11

Blåmejse - Blue tit - 12

Bogfinke – Chaffinch - 8

Kvækerfinke – Brambling - 3

Bjergirisk – Twite - 26

Dompap, Lille - Western European Bullfinch - 5

Rørspurv - Reed Bunting - 10

Total: 110

Ringmærkning (Jennes Sø):

Gærdesmutte – Wren - 1

Rødhals – Robin - 2

Sangdrossel – Songthrush – 2

Munk – Blackcap – 4

Gransanger – Chiffchaff - 1

Fuglekonge – Goldcrest – 4

Sortmejse – Coal Tit - 1

Musvit - Great tit - 7

Bogfinke – Chaffinch – 1

Gråsisken, Lille – Lesser Redpoll - 1

Rørspurv - Reed Bunting - 1

Total Jennes Sø: 25

Bearded tits + Twites

mandag 12. oktober 2020
af Christina Stinn

Amelie and I opened the nets at 6:45 AM and enjoyed an unusually clear morning sky. It was only 8 degrees this morning, but it didn’t feel that cold because there was no wind at all.

Oluf, Erik, Jørgen, and Igor joined us and lent us a hand/paw where needed. Again, we very much appreciated their help, although today was not quite as busy as the last few days. Our two new guests Britta and Lotte also came to visit us at Kabeltromlen to see what we were catching.

I was very excited when we caught some Bearded tits (Skægmejse) because I had never handled or ringed any of them before. Such beautiful birds!


IMG 3071

In our last round, we also caught two Twites (Bjergirisk), which look very similar to redpolls (Gråsisken) but have a yellow bill and a pink rump (less obvious in females):

IMG 3079

IMG 3086

Amelie and I wanted to sew a few nets after ringing, but then the wind picked up quite a bit as we were closing the nets. However, we also had a long to-do list to complete in the afternoon, so it probably wasn’t a bad idea for us to be back at the lighthouse before 3PM.

We welcomed a new volunteer, Jeppe, to Skagen Fuglestation this afternoon. He will join us in our ringing activities over the next couple of days to learn more about birds and might return for the month of November to get some bird handling experience. He already made an excellent first impression on Amelie and me when he brought in a basket full of home-grown vegetables:

IMG 3110

Amelie and Jeppe are joining Henning on a guided night tour with 25 guests today. I am curious to hear all about their nighttime adventures in Grenen. You will find out tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Gæ­rdesmutte - Wren: 11

Jernspurv - Dunnock: 4

Rødhals - Robin: 3

Solsort – Blackbird: 3

Sangdrossel – Songthrush: 7

Vindrossel – Redwing: 2

Munk – Blackcap: 7

Gransanger - Common chiffchaff: 1

Fuglekonge - Goldcrest: 18

Sortmejse – Coal tit: 1

Blåmejse - Blue tit: 7

Bogfinke – Chaffinch: 3

Kvækerfinke - Brambling: 5

Bjergirisk – Twite: 2

Lille Gråsisken - Lesser redpoll: 3

Lille Dompap - Western European Bullfinch: 6

Gulspurv – Yellowhammer: 2

Rørspurv - Reed Bunting: 7

Skægmejse – Bearded tit: 3

Total KAB: 95


Ringmærkning (Jennes Sø):

Gæ­rdesmutte - Wren: 1

Rødhals - Robin: 1

Sangdrossel – Songthrush: 2

Fuglekonge - Goldcrest: 10

Blåmejse - Blue tit: 7

Musvit - Great tit: 1

Skovspurv - Tree sparrow: 1

Kvækerfinke - Brambling: 2

Nordlig Gråsisken – Common redpoll: 1

Lille Gråsisken - Lesser redpoll: 13

Rørspurv - Reed Bunting: 1

Total Jennes Sø: 40

Total new captures KAB + Jennes Sø: 135

Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

People:  Amelie Zeller, Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Martin Grienenberger, Oluf Lou, Erik Christophersen, Jørgen Kabel & Igor, Britta & Lotte, Michael Ancher, Henning Ettrup

And another good day :)

søndag 11. oktober 2020
af Amelie Zeller

Today we had another good ringing day. Simon and his father left yesterday afternoon to spend a few days at Blåvand Fuglestation. So, Christina and I were very happy that Erik, Jørgen, Oluf, Henning, Knud and Laila were able to support us so well and will continue to help us over the next few days. After all, we caught over 200 birds at Grenen today! Michael Ancher was also out ringing today at Jennes Sø. Tomorrow we hope for another long day of ringing with wonderful friends and birds, maybe even something rare? :)

WhatsApp Image 2020 10 11 at 15.30.44

In the afternoon Christina and I entered and checked ringing data, a very important task here at the station. Tomorrow Jeppe will come by for a few days. He is new at birdwatching and is thinking of working with us for a few weeks in November. Maybe he can help us check some sheets tomorrow evening :P

We are already looking forward to the next weeks and hope for many more long ringing days with lots of birds!

Some nice pictures of the sunset here at the lighthouse Christina took while taking a little evening walk:

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People: Simon S. Christiansen, Christina Stinn, Laila Neermann, Jørgen Kabel & Igor, Erik Christophersen, Henning Ettrup, Knud Pedersen, Oluf Lou, Michael Ancher, Amelie Zeller

Klik her for at se dagens observationer indtastet i Dofbasen af observatører i området

Ringmærkning (Jennes Sø):

Gærdesmutte - Wren – 5

Rødhals - Robin – 10

Munk – Blackcap - 1

Gransanger- Chiffchaff – 1

Fuglekonge - Goldcrest – 10

Topmejse - Crested Tit – 1

Musvit – Great Tit - 1

Grønsisken - Siskin – 1

Gråsisken, Lille - Lesser Redpoll – 14

Rørspurv - Reed Bunting – 7

Total: 51


Ringmærkning (Kabeltromlen):

Bogfinke - Chaffinch – 1

Dompap, Lille - Bullfinch – 11

Fuglekonge - Goldcrest – 40

Gærdesmutte - Wren – 15

Gransanger - Chiffchaff – 3

Gråsisken, Lille - Lesser Redpoll – 7

Grønirisk - Greenfinch – 5

Gulspurv - Yellowhammer – 1

Jernspurv - Dunnock – 1

Kvækerfinke - Brambling – 1

Munk - Blackcap – 16

Musvit - Great Tit – 6

Rødhals - Robin – 31

Rørspurv - Reed Bunting – 30

Sangdrossel - Songtrush – 4

Vindrossel - Redwing – 3

Total: 175

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