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Football day

søndag 1. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

Our plans to ring at Grenen are thwarted by stronger wind than forecast coming from an unfavourable direction. So we make the most of it by continuing to catch up with our admin and making ourselves available to visitors.

Around lunchtime we head in to do other tasks, that can only be done on the stations computer, DOFbasen and checking up some odd rings that had been flagged up on the ringing data website. Simon is busy all day leading a group around the local area, but comes in after lunch with Peter Christensen, who donates a tables worth of bird books to the observatory, which was very generous!
Michele takes advantage of the slow afternoon to head to the beach for some birding/bathing and I continue to catch up with tasks at the Obs.

I cook us a hasty meal before we head downstairs to join several locals in watching the Denmark-Croatia football game and a fun time is had by all (more fun perhaps by those without a side in this game!).

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Black headed gull

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