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Danish guest blog

tirsdag 31. juli 2018
af Laila Neerman

Dagligdagen på Skagen Fuglestation er ved at have fundet en rytme efter Helle og jeg tjekkede ind søndag. Vi hygger os med fælles måltider og aftenmøderne hvor vi får styr på både hinanden og næste dag.

Der er foretaget en oprydning i madvarer, kørt tomme flasker væk, ryddet ud i pap og så er der kommet blomster på bordet. Der er igen kvinder på stationen????

Fuglemæssigt er her dog meget stille og idag har vi slet ikke haft nettene åbne for ringmærkning. Det blæser simpelhen for meget.

Birder's Club åbner vil til gengæld hver dag kl. 10 og jeg opdagede til min skræk at Fugleaktivitets kataloget for børn (publiceret af DOF) ikke var at finde blandt brochure mm.
Et opkald til DOF i København og et par kasser er på vej????dem glæder jeg til til at dele ud.

Jeg tog idag de 210 trin til toppen af fyrtårnet - det gav vind i håret og en skøn udsigt.

Aftenturen gik rundt om Grenen til fods og her blev vi belønnet med : stor præstekrave, mudderklire, hvid vipstjert, sandløber, ederfugle, suler, splitterne, diverse måger, landsvaler, stenvender og en smuk solnedgang der hvor Kattegat og Skagerak møder hinanden.

Vi gjorde samtidig vores "borger-pligt" samlede nemlig mindst 3 stykker plastic op hver og sågar et par sko.

På hjemvejen sprang ræven over vejen og inden vi nåede hjem var Det Grå Fyr begyndt at lyse.

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Constant wind.

mandag 30. juli 2018
af Michele Pes

Today is a rather windy day not good to open the mistnets. In the morning Peter goes to visit the hospital, I stay at the Observatory to work on the pc. At 11.30 am Flemming tells me that there are two people interested in the ringing tour, they are a Dutch couple. They are passionate about birds and he has developed a smartphone app for the rereading of coloured rings and metal rings of ringed birds. So I open the nets for the tour and demonstrate the catching methods. I manage to ring two whitethroat and a yellowhammer. The visitors are very satisfied with the tour and they go away happy.

At about 2.30 pm, back to the observatory for lunch, Peter is already back, and is busy with the pc. In the afternoon I update the database and later I go to Grenen to take a look around, I see a red-throated diver not far from the beach.

I go back to the observatory at 19:00 and I find the dinner ready, today Laila cooks a very good dish for us!

After dinner we check the weather and plan the activities for the next few days.

New arrivals.

søndag 29. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

A late morning due to the late evening, but we do get the nets up in the garden briefly. It only do we get a juvenile tree sparrow, but we also caught three whitethroats, all of which were during a guided tour, which was great for the visitors.

During the morning the next guest for the apartment, Hele, arrived, we got her settled in and introduced to everyone and then she went exploring for the afternoon. Her friend Lyla, who also arrived a little later, is one of our ambassadors and will be joining Michele and I with various visitor entertainment tasks.

For dinner I cooked a stir fry, and ran through the evening meeting, showing Lyla what her tasks would be, what the cooking rota will be for the week etc etc. The ladies went out for a walk over to Grenen afterward, before we all hit the sack.

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Juvenile tree sparrow

Pizza and Death Metal

lørdag 28. juli 2018
af Michele Pes

Last night we were out to see the lunar eclipse, and this morning we do not get up early. After breakfast, during the morning, Peter and Morten go to the birder's club to welcome tourists. I'm at the observatory to insert some data to the pc.

After lunch I decide to go for a ride in Grenen, while Peter and Morten are at the observatory.

Later around 19.00 we go to eat a pizza in an Italian restaurant, it inspired me, but the pizza did not turn out to be great.

Later we stop to drink a beer and talking to Morten I find out that he is a death metal fan, I like it too, so we spend the rest of the evening talking about music and listening and playing some songs with the guitar, very funny!

Blood moon

fredag 27. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

Up and out early at Grenen this morning. We caught a reasonable number of birds, 22 new birds and 3 recaptures. We also managed to clear some net lanes and paths and erect two new nets, so quite a successful morning! We managed to catch 3 redpolls together one of which had a yellow instead of red forehead, quite oddly. This seems to be xanthochromism, where the red pigment is either reduced or missing entirely and is replaced by the yellow pigment. An interesting bird!

The rest of the day we take quite easy as we intend try and catch terns in the evening and also watch the blood moon. I make us a cauliflower cheese for dinner, nice to experiment with new recipes. At 9pm Anders Bojesen and his wife arrive with a lemon ‘blood’ moon cake and we spend a couple of hours waiting for the moon to rise, which it does eventually and we watch the whole eclipse through. Sadly the wind picks right up during this and we have to call off the tern netting, still there’s a few more weeks left to try.

Ringed birds.         Recaptures
Blackbirds – 1.       Redpoll - 1
Reed warbler- 4.    Whitethroat - 1
Lesser redpoll – 2.  Crested tit - 1
Blue tit – 1
Lesser whitethroat – 2
Marsh warbler – 1
Whitethroat – 4
Great tit – 3
Blackcap – 1
Willow warbler – 1
Chiffchaff - 2

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Xanthochromistic lesser redpoll

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Blood moon 

Rising temperatures . .

torsdag 26. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

Once again the wind made ringing out of the question, so we ok advantage of the late morning to go birding, catch up with work or make ourselves available for visitor inquiries.

Later in the afternoon, we met with Michael Ancher to do some much needed maintenance on the CES site. With a variety of tools, including a petrol driven brush cutter, we cleared the net lanes and various footpaths in a little under an hour, despite the ferocious heat. After this I received a tour of Skagen from Morten Christensen, before escaping from the heat back at the Observatory.

Michele made us dinner this evening, mushroom pasta, and then it was an early night as we intend to go ringing at Grenen tomorrow, and also clear the net lanes and erect a few new nets.


CES day

onsdag 25. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

We’re up at the crack of dawn to head to the CES site this morning. We meet Morten Christensen on site and got set up and ready by 5am. It was a very slow morning with less than 15 birds ringed or processed during 6 hours. It was horrifically hot, however, and this may have influenced bird movement.

We packed up at 11am after the standard 6 hours and I returned the keys to Michael Ancher, who very kindly offered me a cold coke. We spent a pleasant half hour chatting and enjoying the shade in his garden, before I dragged myself back to the observatory. On return to the observatory, we made sure we stayed out of the sun for a few hours after 6 hours in the beating sun on the morning.

Our friend and local Anders Bojesen, kindly invited us to dinner in the evening, a superb vegetable lasagne with an excellent ice cream and caramel sauce dessert. It was a very nice evening and a good way to relax after the long hot morning.

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Juvenile blue tit, undergoing its post juvenile moult.

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Reed warbler

We ringed a bird!

tirsdag 24. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

Much like the other days, the wind is too strong to put most nets up, however we have a booked in guided tour, so we open five of the garden nets and manage to catch a juvenile whitethroat. There’s quite a lot of visitors for this tour, including some of our guests, and we manage to see some kestrels and a few other birds whilst doing the tour. Once this is over we close the nets and continue with other tasks, such as being available in the birders club for visitor questions and the usual computer work. I head into Skagen to pick up a few medical supplies to use as an ersatz first aid kit until we can get hold of a genuine one and do some food shopping whilst there.

For dinner tonight I cook my usual chilli, and and we retired early as we have to get up early for the CES tomorrow . .

Another quiet day.

søndag 22. juli 2018
af Michele

Today the wind is still strong.

During the morning I'm at the observatory to work at the PC and at the birder's club.

Peter, mid-morning, goes to the doctor. in the afternoon after lunch, I go shopping but step from the beach south of the lighthouse, where between terns, sandwich terns and various gulls I see a seal swimming!

Upon my return I find the three new guests who will be at the observatory until Saturday.


Moulting seabirds

søndag 22. juli 2018
af Peter Denyer

The wind is if anything stronger today so ringing is once again not possible. So Michele and I resign ourselves to another day of being on hand to answer visitors questions and getting on with some indoor work, which never seems to end!

After lunch, Michele informs me that there are two interesting birds in the little bays by the observatory, a male common scoter and a summer plumaged red throated diver. The diver was so close that we thought it was unwell, but it seemed active and hunting constantly when I saw it later in the afternoon and also appeared to be moulting, which probably explains its tameness. The male scoter was also heavily in moult, and in all likelihood cannot fly currently, which gave a great opportunity to see one up close, which you only usually get in wildlife parks.

I spent most of the afternoon watching these two, and also had great views of up to four arctic skuas hunting along the coast. For dinner we have the remains of the vegetable stew that I made yesterday. The weather looks grim again tomorrow, so it’s unlikely that we’ll do any ringing. .

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Summer plumaged red throated diver.

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Moulting male common scoter.

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